A Buyer’s Guide For Lithium Motorcycle Battery

The lithium motorcycle batteries are now replacing the traditional lead-acid motorcycle batteries like the new battery for motorcycles, and these batteries come with flexible applications, longer life, lighter weight, and more powerful cranking amps. However, by the time you finally make up your mind to step up your motorcycle battery game to this long-lasting lithium battery, how do you find out whether you are making the right investment? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem, as we will point out all the essential things you need to know.

Over the past few years, the lithium motorcycle battery has become very popular in the Powersports and motorcycle worlds, and people keep asking more questions about this battery type. To assist first time buyers in learning the basics about the lithium motorcycle battery, whether it is an excellent investment for you or not, and which type to buy, we have put this helpful lithium motorcycle battery buyer’s guide to help first time buyers in making the right choices.


The lead-acid batteries, the type of batteries you have probably utilized in many cars for a very long time now, are inexpensive, reliable, and they have worked excellent for many people, but they have certain disadvantages, such as their high weight, high self-discharge rate, limited service life, and the power of lead-acid batteries gradually drains away while sitting on its shelf. Lead-acid batteries have served many people, but the technology hasn’t changed over the years, and this has made it be seen as low tech products today.

However, today, the same technological advancement that has enabled great development in battery capacity for small devices such as cell phones and laptops have found a to the motorcycle industry, bringing in a positive change in battery life; all thanks goes to the world’s lightest metal, lithium. Lighter, safer, longer-lasting and more powerful, lithium-based batteries are indeed the new batteries in the motorcycle world, and will eventually replace the lead-acid batteries in no time.

Most riders have chosen the lithium motorcycle battery due to its following characteristics:
• More portable in size as compared to the lead-acid battery.
• Nearly five times the power of the lead-acid battery.
• The lithium motorcycle battery is very fast to recharge, and they can charge up to eighty percent of their entire battery capacity in a few minutes.
• Low self-discharge rate, they lose only 10% of their total charge each year when sitting idle on a shelf, compared to the lead-acid batteries that lose 1% of their total charge each day.
• The lithium motorcycle battery is much safer as it uses only dry chemicals, compared to the lead-acid battery which makes use of both corrosive and hazardous acid.


For any performance rider or racer who is looking for the best in high performance and low weight, using a lithium battery is a no-brainer. However, those with smaller motorcycles, switching from a lead-acid battery to lithium will help in shaving some pounds in weight off their motorcycles, making it much more fun and noticeable in a dirt motorcycle or a little sports bike.

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